Reconnections Project – Reykjavik

Barka’s IS reconnections programme for the homeless Eastern European migrants in Iceland was started at the beginning of January 2017, following an invitation from the municipality of Reykjavik. Reconnections Programmes are financed by local municipalities. Barka IS helps homeless Polish and other Eastern European people not coping with life in Reykjavik to return to their home countries, either to enter rehab treatments, go back to their families, or to Barka Network programs (educational, creating work places) in Poland, or other organizations in Poland and other countries, which run reintegration programmes. Barka Network in Poland shows the perspective of helping to rebuild life from even worst circumstances.

Barka team in Reykjavik are: Mariusz and Patrycja. Mariusz has a personal experience of homelessness and addictions, which he overcame. He successfully combated those difficulties, rebuilt his life within Barka Network programme in Poland and now is helping others.

Since the project has started we had reconnections:
– thirteen reconnections took place in 2017;
– one in January 2018;
– 3 in February 2018; – 15 reconnections took place in 2019.

Some of our beneficiaries decided to come back to their homeland went into the rehab centers (62 %) and have been staying at Barka’s communities in Poland (77%). Six of them reconnected and returned to the family (five in Poland and the other one in Lithuania)

Contact with Barka ÍSLAND team:

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  • Tel: Patrycja  +354 767 47 55 (PL, EN)         Mariusz    + 354 765 50 67 (PL)
  • e-mail: